New survey confirms cat owners are a unique breed

Words by Nicole La Ruffa
Image via @mingey/Instagram

Furr real?

Ready yourself for some shocking information that confirms people who own cats also like cat stuff.

After surveying 1000 cat owners, Mars Petcare U.S. and OnePoll have delivered some pretty important statistics. It was found the average cat owner consumes 725 cat images and videos every year, and likes 398 cat-related posts.

Apparently, owning a cat also means you own about 13 cat-centric items (on average). This probably rings true for many of us I’m currently repping cat-covered pants, and I don’t even own one.

The survey also reported that these owners spend more than three and a half hours a week talking with their cat (cat-chats?), and over nine hours cuddling. Six out of ten respondents confirmed their cat helps them avoid loneliness, while 54 per cent claimed that their furry friend supports them when dealing with work stress.

For those who don’t already fit the cat-obsessed brief, here’s an Insta page to get you started.


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