The home fragrances 10 Australian creatives are using right now


Selecting a scent for your home requires just as much thought as your perfume.

There’s always been a lot of discussion about the fragrances we choose to douse ourselves in. According to Vogue, there’s even such thing as a ‘fragrance wardrobe’, with British perfumer Lyn Harris declaring, “Fragrance is very much an accessory like jeans and loafers”.

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But what then of the fragrance we choose for our homes? If the perfume we use says a lot about who we are, or how we’d like to be perceived, then our choice of home fragrance provides insights into how we choose to spend our time, and what type of mood we like our spaces to have.

As I’m currently in the market for a new home fragrance (and am rather fond of getting a glimpse into people’s lives) I asked 10 Australian creatives to share with me their go-to scent.

Emma Cutri, co-founder of Sister Studios

Chosen fragrance: Natio Calm Essential Oil Blend

We have it burning 24/7 at our home! This essential oil is the most amazing balance, too. It’s bergamot, clary sage and mandarin. I burn it in an oil burner and also in diffusers basically in every room. I really like bergamot based blends, they just put me in a really zen mood at home. It makes our home feel so relaxed and makes me happy.


Hannah Roche, co-founder of Released from Love

Chosen fragrance: Aesop Cythera Aromatique Room Spray


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Aesop’s Cythera Aromatique is a room spray and the only scent we use in our home. It’s a blend of geranium, incense and patchouli that’s opulent and woody but fresh. We love it because it’s uplifting and the scent lingers.


Giulia Brugliera, Managing Editor of Fashion Journal

Chosen fragrance: Diptyque Gingembre Room Spray

I bought Diptyque’s Gingembre Room Spray as a gift for a friend but ended up keeping it for myself, as I fell in love with the scent. It’s fresh, summery and airy, a combination that somehow makes our apartment feel more spacious than it is. I swear it smells like sipping gin and tonics in the sun, perhaps because it features notes of citrus and ginger. Regardless, I feel like it introduces a relaxed joy to our home.


Anieszka, musician 

Chosen fragrance: Satya Nag Champa Incense

I’ve been obsessed with this for years! This incense fills the whole room and creates a warm, comforting and calming atmosphere. It has a way of cleansing the space and recalibrating the energy in the room – perfect for songwriting. The sweet ambrosial tones with hints of spices and herbs remind me of a nice warm spiced tea – it’s very grounding. Between this and the Kyoto in Bloom candle from Glasshouse (a mix of floral, citrus and musk), I’m a happy girl!


Lani Le Berre, founder of Orris

Chosen fragrance: Loewe Oregano Candle


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My at-home fragrance choice is seasonal and very much dependent on my mood and the weather. I burn incense all year round and I enjoy creating my own blends with essential oils in a diffuser or burner. Candles are a very important aspect of my home. I am currently burning Loewe Oregano.

I tend to be drawn to fragrance notes that are earthy and influenced from nature. This particular fragrance reminds me of a herb garden, an absent feature in my life while living in a city apartment. I am also loving the oil room diffuser from Frama with charcoal spheres that help to purify the air.


Claire Hammon, co-founder of Meadowlark

Chosen fragrance: Byredo Bibliotheque Room Spray

I’m super sensitive to scent so Byredo is the perfect brand for me. I find their fragrances to be very soothing and not too overpowering. I love Bibliotheque and have it as room spray throughout my home as well as in candle form. It smells like leathery sweet fruits and vanilla. It reminds me of home and has a sort of comforting feeling about it.


Alexandra Chipman, co-founder of Natasha Schweitzer

Chosen fragrance: Le Labo Santal 26

This scent reminds me of the woods. It’s not flowery – it almost feels clean, like this is how my beautiful furniture would smell if it had a scent. The scent reminds me of home. It feels safe and warm and welcoming.


Amelia Perez, founder of Aexae

Chosen fragrance: Diptyque Ambre Candle


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This has been my go-to home fragrance for many years now. The brand’s burn quality is second to none – once a candle of theirs lasted for a whole year. The smell lives up to the candle’s name, with a wood fire scent it’s smokey and earthy and feels like a warm home dimly lit with an orange glow. It’s my routine to buy this candle every autumn as it’s the perfect candle for the seasonal change and the burn time usually lasts until mid-winter.


Nick Ward, musician and filmmaker 

Chosen fragrance: Aesop Istros Aromatique Room Spray

This makes me feel so classy. I think I got it as a gift one Christmas. I could be binging ‘near-death experience’ videos on YouTube while eating kaya toast in bed, and one spray of this will make me feel like a proper human being. It really freshens up the room and smells super woody and citrusy. I get really paranoid about my room smelling like a teenage boy (spoiler: it does), especially when I’m having other collaborators over for music-making.

It lasts for quite a while and you get heaps of use out of a bottle. All the Aesop stuff smells crazy – it makes me feel like a ten-year-old smelling my Smiggle rubbers again. I also have the matching perfume and hand cream, so the room spray is the cherry on top of my silly woody life. For some reason my dog hates it, but that’s okay – adults only.


William Drury, founder of William Édouard

Chosen fragrance: Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom fragrance diffuser

I selected this fragrance after sampling the entirety of the Glasshouse range – the notes of camellia, lotus, sandalwood and vanilla were so sweet and appealing, enticing me with its cosy comforting aroma. Presenting as warm and inviting yet not overbearing, this scent welcomes me home into a space of calm and immediately counteracts any stress developed prior. The scent lasts for months and even after the liquid within the diffuser has evaporated, I’ve found the scent pleasantly lingers several weeks later.


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