IKEA is hiring Tidy Technicians in Australia if your dream job is cleaning

Words by Jasmine Wallis

Neat-freaks, assemble.

Ever felt like Kim Kardashian during her closet organising days? Have you offered to ‘Marie Kondo’ your friend’s apartment for free out of your pure love for spotless spaces?

Well, you’re in luck because IKEA is on the look out for a Städad Technician (AKA a Tidy Technician).

The Swedish store is hiring 10 people around Australia to help declutter and organise homes throughout the country.

The search for the cleaning candidate begins today and successful participants will receive IKEA-style training to learn the tips and tricks to tackle any untidy space.

All you need to apply is a love for all types of tidying and an appreciation for the calmness a clean space can bring.

The applications close on Thursday, January 30 so head here to get all the info you need to score the job.


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