An investigation: How do ‘The Bachelor’ contestants maintain such flawless bikini lines?

Words by Amelia Barnes

Illustration by Twylamae

Answering the important questions.

The Bachelor is over and questions surrounding Nick’s final girl have finally been revealed, except for one pertinent issue that has gone unanswered – until now.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been investigating an important topic plaguing viewers of The Bachelor nationwide.

It all started earlier in the season, back when one of Nick’s group dates turned into an impromptu game of ‘swimming pool bingo’ complete with mandatory high cut swimsuits. This trend towards scant swimwear continued in the following weeks when Cass sported a ‘floss bikini’ on her single date to many viewers’ (and news outlets’) awe.

Now, had it been me on those dates, I would have had to make up an excuse to quit the competition then and there. 

As my friends know, I require a strict two-day minimum notice period before participating in any form of water activity to ensure my bikini line is best prepared. If I wax, there’s redness (and pain); if I shave, it’s ingrown city; and if I get laser, it grows back (although that might just be because of the dodgy shopping centre clinic I visited). It is, therefore, an absolute miracle I make it to the beach even with due notice, so how exactly were multiple women prepared to appear in such slight clothing, on national television, at a moment’s notice? Just look at that flawless skin!

I remember the early years of reality television, back where many contestants had never even had a basic bikini line wax before. On Australia’s Next Top Model, for example, this fact was exploited by producers on multiple occasions, including one instance where eventual season three winner Alice Burdeu was shamed for not waxing before a swimwear shoot (she was however assured they could “retouch it out” in editing).

I am aware that these days many women prefer maintaining a full Brazilian year-round, but surely not every contestant on The Bachelor falls into that category?

I have reached out to multiple contestants from the show armed with my questions on this matter. Were they all notified several days in advance of swimwear dates? Is prior laser hair removal a condition of appearing on the show? Was there a pair of board shorts on standby? Or is it just a coincidence they all share the same preference for pubic hair grooming?

Turns out the show is pretty tightlipped on this topic, but I pursued it in the name of quality journalism.

After several emails to multiple contestants and publicity contacts, I was able to confirm with Emily Dibden that all hair removal is personally done by contestants. Her favourite waxing products are by Nair but she says, “I often just shave nowadays as I have super fine hair and am not a very hairy person!”

So there you have it. After a thorough investigation, I can confirm reality television contestants are just genetically blessed.

Naturally, this conclusion has done little for my self-esteem, so if you do actually have some hair removal tips, please hit me up.

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