Louis Vuitton Jenga is coming for rich people

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Got a spare $2460?

Your obsession with designer wares might be about to extend to your games collection. According to multiple sources, Louis Vuitton Jenga is on the way, because evidently the wooden blocks we all played with as kids are no longer good enough.

Instead, the brand has crafted its set from coloured perspex blocks, each embossed with the signature LV monogram.

Coming wrapped up in a clear perspex carry case with leather handle, it’s rumoured to set you back around $2460 USD. Costly yes, but it also doubles as a great table piece.

There’s no official word on a release date, but pictures have been circulating since the brand’s recent menswear runway. Considering the FW19 campaign is titled Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence, we’d say it’s safe to expect it very soon.



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@louisvuitton will release a Jenga set as part of their FW19 collection ? – @_hedonists_

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