Meet the latest human Ken Doll

Third time’s a charm? The latest human Ken Doll.

Meet Rodrigo Alves, the latest addition to the human Ken Doll collection.

Achieving the human Ken Doll look is about as hard to attain as it seems, with Alves undergoing some extreme and gruesome procedures to complete his all plastic look. The results of Alves’ risky procedures, such as making his smile bigger, liposuction and a six-pack implant have taken the Ken Doll look to an all-new extreme, and honestly we’re not sure how to feel.

Alves admits “I’m quite hard on myself and I’m scared of getting old,” with doctors attempting a brand new revolutionary stem cell procedure to reverse the effects of his aging.

With a total sum of $265,888 on surgeries so far, he far outspends both previous Ken Dolls.
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