Melbourne’s Jolie Laide on the interiors trends and brands to watch for in 2021



Embodying beautiful ugly.

Not that you’d know it from browsing its incredible online store, but Jolie Laide only landed in the world this year. Melbourne sisters Emma and Lou Smith transitioned their vintage resale Instagram, No Replica Furniture, into a fully-fledged store where they now retail funky and unique interiors.

Jolie Laide is a French term that loosely translates to ‘beautiful ugly’, which is probably the most perfect description for the quirky designs that are featured on the business’ website. Taking the stress out of interiors, on its website you can find a range of local and international designers which these decor tastemakers have curated for us.

We asked the sisters to share with us their trend predictions for 2021, and the best brands for you to snag a beautifully ugly piece from for your home.

Floral-inspired interiors

Flowers are timeless and tend to add a positive feeling to the home. The artists below show that floral interiors can also be moody, sensual and passionate – the use of florals in the home can be contemporary and not cliché.

Brands and artists to buy: Caroline Zimbalist and her floral-inspired planters, Sheridan Tjhung and her flower candle set, Andrej Urem’s Rose candle and Lord Newry’s photography who is a botanical artist.


2020 has thrown everything at people, including this mysterious revival of checks. We all want interiors for the home that continually present well, and the crisp effect of checks makes them so effortless and appealing to the eye. Artists like Katherine Plumb and Jiu Jie Décor show us that bringing checks into the home is simple yet so pleasing.

Brands and artists to buy: Katherine Plumb towels and cushions and Jiu Jie Décor Grand Prix luxury knot cushion.

Animal print

Animal print as an expressive accent has an ability to clash and match and complement quite unlike other fabrics. With our latest collaboration with Zankov Studio, we have created our variation of classic animal print based on the more unusual Normandy cow in mohair. The overlapping browns and blacks and white take away cartoon impressions of cowhide.

Brands and artists to buy: Jolie Laide x Zankov Studio’s Normande Cushion, currently available at Harrolds.

Oddly shaped cushions

Silliness is in with an explosion of new cushion shapes, with snakes, combs and ugly conversation starter pieces (definitely no LIVE LAUGH LOVE). Rose Greenberg started this trend in her independent cushion store two to three years ago, and we can now see many incarnations of it moving into the home.

Brands and artists to buy: Rose Greenberg uses vintage deadstock fabric to pull her wacky creations together. Jiu Jie Decor darling of Home Union is another proud addition to our store with her recognisable snake pretzel shapes.

Drip look

Molten melty, shapes that are organic and reveal a change in form will be big next year, and these shapes soften minimal Italian glass tables and Wassily chairs, both of which are on our wish lists.

Brands and artists to buy: Try Polspotten and Adir Yakobi.

Pop elements for the home

Interiors that reference mad imaginations and your most playful concept of the home. Next year will see even more of this trend, and the freedom to connect with what you like and find strange, puzzling, sexy, unusual, and, of course, beautiful.

Brands and artists to buy: Lots! Amelia Briggs, Gaetano Pesce, Lea Mestre, Studio Mignone, Say Hi To for her current eye for design and education on new styles and artistic techniques, and Melbourne artist Aidan Renata.


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