Moschino is being sued for allegedly using racist code words to describe its customers

Images via Moschino

Claims from a former employee.

Moschino is being sued by a former employee, who claims the brand engaged in racist profiling and discriminated against black customers.

According to TMZ, Shamael Lataillade (a former Moschino manager in the US), alleges her ex-supervisor had a specific protocol for black customers, using code name ‘Serena’ if they didn’t appear wealthy enough. Lataillade claims her supervisor would instruct her and fellow employees to watch the customers closely, going as far as writing down their license plates.

Further claims include instructing employees to tell ‘Serenas’ they were out of stock on many items, with one incident resulting in the police being called on a ‘suspicious black customer’.

A Haitian-American woman herself, Lataillade alleges she was discriminated against due to her background, and fired after she complained about the use of the ‘Serena’ codeword. The former employee is suing Moschino for unspecified damages.

In response, the luxury Italian label has denied the claims, telling TMZ it “complies with applicable equal employment laws and values and respects all customers and clients regardless of their race or background”.


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