Moxie partners with Share the Dignity for a socially conscious cause

Images via Moxie

Words by Ella Bazzani-Hockley

Providing long-term solutions to period poverty.

Period poverty, or the lack of access to adequate sanitary products, is real and disproportionately affects homeless, Indigenous and at-risk women. 

In a bid to reverse this trend, Australian charity Share the Dignity is partnering with Melbourne-based feminine hygiene brand Moxie to donate menstrual cups to those in need. For the month of March, every menstrual cup purchased online will see one donated to an Indigenous woman in need. 

The month-long charity drive has the potential to provide long-term solutions to ease period stress – if cared for, a menstrual cup can provide a years-long solution, plus it’s sustainable, safe and easy to use. 

Since its 2015 inception, Share the Dignity has campaigned to put ‘pink box’ pad-and-tampon vending machines in schools and public toilets, distributed personal care products at Christmas time to those in need, and launched twice-yearly dignity drives with major companies like Moxie. 

Moxie has also created the Periodic Table, an expansive online resource providing credible, useful information about periods. Dubbed ‘your uncensored period guide’, the initiative aims to re-educate the worryingly misinformed majority, (roughly six in 10 Australian women) who, Moxie reports, feel there is a need for more information about periods and menstruation. You can check it out here.  

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