$2 Margaritas are available for delivery today in Melbourne

Happy Fri-yay.

If you’ve ever been at a house-party and run out of booze, then Tipple is already a friend of yours. 

But to strengthen the bond, Tipple is partnering up with Melbourne Martini to give away 500 Tommy Tequila Margaritas for just $2 each.

For those of you who will be in Melbourne this Friday September 8, be sure to get in on the action and order some jars of Margarita between 2-5pm.

The usual delivery fee still applies, but this feels like a non-issue when the drinks are so cheap. 

To avoid having one thrifty person buy up a years’ supply of tequila jars, the limit is four drinks per person. Sorry folks. 

Just download the Tipple app and your drinks will arrive at your door within 30 minutes, cold and ready to go. 


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