6 dreamy labels to help you sleep at night

Sweet dreams.

There’s nothing better than returning to your bed after a long day’s work, right? Of course. So to get you ready for the very best time of day, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite bedtime brands. Sweet dreams.

ALAS the Label

We’ve got a new excuse for you to stay snuggled up in bed this winter. ALAS the Label has released its new collection, Midnight Musings, and it’s everything you didn’t know you wanted in sleepwear. We’re talking boxy fleece pullovers, swing nighties and matching underwear (so you can feel classy when you wear undies to bed).

But that’s not why we love ALAS. The brand is committed to creating sustainable garments, with all textiles ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton in fair-labour factories. This is how you get a good night’s sleep.



While saying Piyama Pyjamas might be a tongue twister, this label’s approach to sleepwear isn’t so complicated. Inspired by tropical summers, the mother-daughter duo behind Piyama create pieces that evoke a feeling of luxury. Designed in Australia and handmade in Bali, the versatile range covers high-quality sleepwear, loungewear and beachwear.

Natural, soft flowing fabrics featuring exclusive textile designs are handcrafted into dreamy, feminine ensembles. With wearability and comfort central to the design process, Piyama’s garments are made for the bedroom and beyond. Perfect for those (sometimes rare) days of serenity.


Le Lux Linen

We spend a lot of time in bed, so we may as well do it right. Le Lux Linen is showing us how to make bedtime even better – yes, it’s possible. The label has everything, from sheets to quilt covers, in a range of delicately washed-in colours for all sized beds.

Created from the finest French flax, the 100 per cent pure linen boasts some serious health qualities to promote a good night’s sleep. It contains filtering properties, meaning it’s anti-bacterial and ventilated. It even absorbs moisture build-up, is hypoallergenic and does not pill. Sleep is looking too good. Literally.



Natalija makes contemporary silk nightwear that you shouldn’t just wear at night – think slips, kimonos, pants, shorts, the works. The latest collection, Opulence, delivers a new mood to the brand’s graceful silhouettes with intricate prints, geometric patterns, jewel tones and trimming details. Opulence also sees the introduction of a nightshirt (yes please) and mid-length robes.

To make it even better, the Sydney-based label is dedicated to ethical production, so the PJs are good for your comfort levels and good for the people who made them. Don’t restrict sleepwear to the bedroom when your jammies are this nice.


Celeste Tesoriero

Truth be told, being caught in your oversized, hot pink flannelette pyjama set isn’t fun. Especially when it’s 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and you already should be dressed. But making us feel less guilty about our lifestyle choices is Celeste Tesoriero.

The Australian designer has released a sustainable loungewear range that’s a lot nicer than your current PJs. On offer is a selection of linen pieces in cool neutral shades and pinstripe prints. Think classic shirt styles, jumpsuit sets and Hugh Hefner-level robes. These may just have you preaching the words: “I woke up like this.”


In the Sac

In the Sac is giving you another incentive to sleep in. Producing a range of 100 per cent pure linen bedding, In The Sac offers quilt sets, sheet sets, pillowcases and coverlets in earthy tones. Ensuring the linen is of the highest quality, the fibres are grown and woven in the Netherlands exclusively for the brand.

This really is luxury bedding. And they come in a sack too, because of course. If you’ve ever wanted to be better in the sac, In The Sac can certainly help you out with some quality sheets.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal issue 157. Read it here.

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