8 stalls you might want to visit at Life Instyle

With over 600 stalls, we thought you might want some help.

Life Instyle makes finding new retail products easy, bringing the most amazing creators to your door.

As Australia’s only boutique trade event, this year will see over 600 brands will be showcasing emerging trends, brands and products that are on the cooler side of style and design. It’s all going down July 30 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

With so many stalls, designers and creative brands to explore, we imagine the journey might get a little overwhelming. So to help you out, we have put together a list of eight stalls worth making a pit stop at.

Art Club Concept
Focusing on creating exciting interior spaces that disrupt the average, Art Club Concept is bringing colour and statement to the home. Art Club Concept seeks to inject passion into life through exciting design.


Olli Ella

Seeking to blur the lines between interiors for kids and adults, every piece in the Olli Ella collection is made for a child’s space, but looks fabulous in grown-up spaces too. The label plays with colour and design but maintains a serious commitment to quality, manufacturing some pieces locally while hand-picking fair trade suppliers from overseas. 


Bride & Wolfe
All of Bride & Wolfe’s product development is about art. Working to explore colour and form, the brand currently stocks timber classics, as well as powdercoated heart shelves, colourful perspex pop mirrors and graphic enamel charms.

 The best part is that Bride & Wolfe work predominantly with Melbourne designers and finish all products themselves to ensure they last a lifetime.

At Homeroom Studio you will find everything you need to create a high quality and functional living space. It was born out of a passion and knack for eyeing rare furniture and the desire to create spaces that could reflect and house exceptional pieces.

Cosi Towels
Why use colourful towels when you head to the beach but not when you are at home? Cosi Towels are making boring bathrooms a thing of the past with their colourful prints and cute designs.

One Two Tree
As if Christmas wasn’t already exciting enough, One Two Tree is making the event environmentally friendly and stylish too. Seeing a need to create a long-lasting, stylish and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional Christmas tree, the brand’s wooden Christmas trees were born. They also produce a super cute range of wooden signage, the perfect addition to any home.

Waterford, Wedgwood & Royal Doulton
Known for their high-quality china and homewares, Waterford, Wedgewood and Royal Doulton are the perfect addition to any stylish retail store.

White Moose
Filling homes with eclectic items that are sourced from all around the world, White Moose is perfect for those who love the reinvented. From Lego rings to funky sculptures.

Welly’s Wonders
Welly’s Wonders create perfectly whimsical illustrations, which are then used to create unique baby and children’s clothing, accessories and artwork. Founded by a husband and wife team, the brand creates timeless and extremely cute designs.

Urbaani Homewares
Bringing together a range of specialty European homewares, Urbaani brings the best to your door. Supplying items that will enable you to create a livable dream home, Urbaani caters to the bathroom, kitchen and living areas. The perfect stop for “self-confessed home accessories addicts.”

SKEANIE & uh-oh!
What is cuter than a baby in a sleeping bag? The answer is nothing, so that is why Skeanie & uh-oh! are the perfect addition to your store. Specialising in cute children’s shoes and comfy sleeping bags, this brand is a sure winner.


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