A female artist is using her period blood to create these incredible artworks

And people are loving it.

Period shame is a real thing and we’re all for challenging that. So is Timea Páll.

The 28-year-old graphic designer and artist is generating a lot of discussion in this area, after completing an artwork that used her period blood as paint.

Titled The Diary of My Period, the work took over nine months to complete and fittingly, depicts a foetus.

Curious about whether she could use period blood to paint, the artist told BuzzFeed News she originally tested the idea with a self-portrait. It gained a huge response online and prompted the nine-month project.

The artwork is made up of nine squares, which form the final image once laid out together. Each square was painted with one cycle of menstrual blood.

In a statement on her Facebook page, Páll explains that she intended for people to look past the use of blood.

“The focus is not on the blood, but the work has it’s message because of the menstrual flow. Each month a woman has the chance to became pregnant, but with the menstrual flow the ovum is eliminated, and the chance to have a baby in not relevant at all [sic].”

She continued: 

“I feel that this artwork has a mission, even if it’s not able to see, to talk, or to breathe but maybe the audience will see, talk and breath instead of this little creature, independently from any sexual orientation, any skin tone or religious views… When an “ovum dies” an “artwork is born”.”


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