A new cake delivery service is here to brighten up your Monday

You’ve got mail.

Sending the obligatory ‘happy birthday’ message via Facebook or email is a little passé these days. Unless they’re Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, your pal probably won’t be brimming with enthusiasm over every inbox notification they receive.

Besides, sending someone well-wishes via the most convenient means possible kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Enter Cake Mail. 

It’s a delivery service that brings cakes to your nearest and dearest in Sydney for $39. Which is a small price to pay to become the best friend in the world. And if that’s not enough, all of Instagram and Snapchat will most likely hear about your efforts because these cakes are spectacular. 

The selection of cakes is as follows: Nutella, Donut, Cookies and Cream, Snickers and Barbie. Not to mention the ‘It’s yo Birthday’ cake, which boasts an explosion of m&m’s that pours out of the centre of the cake (umm delicious). 

Happy Monday.


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