Help launch Melbourne’s first bunny cafe

Hop to it.

The folks at Bunny Cafe Melbourne have a dream – to open Australia’s first ever ethically informed bunny cafe. 

Working closely with Victoria’s only no-kill rabbit shelter, they’re looking for help to crowdfund a space that will give the bunnies a new home, while serving up a nice coffee while they’re at it.  

Rabbit-lovers David Johnson and Helen Hu are looking for donations to secure a lease in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Setting a goal of $20,000, they’ve currently raised a running total of $9,261. In exchange, they’re auctioning off a slew of bunny related memorabilia as well as the chance to immortalise your pet with an honorary beverage. So far, they’ve christened the ‘Flopsy’ cappuccino, the ‘Ruffles’ hot chocolate and the ‘Bunzor’ espresso.

To cap it off, the cafe plans to make all the rabbits available for adoption. Help make rabbit history and make a donation to Bunny Cafe Melbourne. I’ll take a latte and a new companion to go, thanks. 

[Via Beat]

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