Holy guacamole, diet avocados are now a thing that exist

What a world we live in.

The brunch bite of choice for Millennials everywhere just received a diet do-over. 

Spanish fruit company, Isla Bonita, has rolled out a low-fat, low-cal avocado which has 30 per cent less fat than your garden variety fruit. 

Apparently, the fancy new Avocado Light also ripens faster and turns brown slower than regular avocados. It’s also been certified by the Spanish Heart Foundation. 

Avocado Light is grown in Central and South America within specific climatic and soil conditions to provide all the same nutritional benefits but with less fat. 

Unfortunately, these gems will not be distributed worldwide and are currently only available in Spain. Looks like we’ll have to settle for our inferior avocados with over 300 calories. 


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