IKEA will soon start selling textiles produced by Syrian refugees

Creating roughly 200 jobs.

As if we couldn’t love IKEA any more.

This week, the Swedish powerhouse announced plans of rolling out a line of textiles and rugs, to be made by Syrian refugees currently living in Jordan.

The project, expected to be released in 2019, would create jobs for roughly 200 refugees and locals. It would also develop a hand-woven collection entirely based on the skills and techniques of Jordanians.

As part of IKEA’s ‘Social Entrepeneur Initiatives’ program, the project adds to the brand’s history of working with local artisanal businesses in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Sweden, Denmark and the US.

This isn’t the first time IKEA has made headlines for taking initiatives to help refugees.

Earlier this year, the brand’s ‘flat-pack refugee shelter’ won Beazley’s 2016 Design of the Year award.

In the past, The IKEA foundation has raised millions of dollars to donate to humanitarian causes.

In wake of the recent immigration policy, IKEA also voiced its support for refugees in a statement:

“We support the fundamental rights of all people, and do not accept any form of discrimination.”

IKEA US Country Manager, Lars Peterson, also said:

“Any proposal that would discriminate against a certain group of our customers or co-workers, or limit our ability to attract and retain diverse talent is troubling. We are committed to continuing to stand for the dignity and rights of everyone.”

The rugs and textile products will be sold locally and in other Middle Eastern countries with free trade agreements with Jordan.


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