Instagram celeb The Fat Jew has just signed a modelling contract

In the same league as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

With over 5 million Instagram followers, The Fat Jew must be doing something right.

Josh Ostrovsky, aka @TheFatJewish, is best known for his hilarious and entertaining Instagram posts (see that time he was in a jacuzzi filled with rosé sippin’ it out with a straw, lol).

He has already launched into the world of book deals (Money Pizza Respect comes out in October), has his own line of rosé and has worked on a number of TV projects with Comedy Central and Amazon. 

And now it seems like he’s dipping into the world of modelling.

Yes, you read that correctly, modelling.

What’s even better, Ostrovsky has signed to prestigious agency, One Management. The same One Management who represents the likes of Sports Illustrated cover girl, Bar Refaeli, and former Victoria’s Secret model, Karolina Kurkova.

In a chat with Hollywood Reporter, Ostrovsky talks about how he got signed (laying in a towel in a Versace speedo) and his career aspirations.

“I’m on a strict diet these days of nothing but carbohydrates. It’s extremely challenging, but in order to keep my body shitty, I need to stay focused. I’m eating a Hot Pocket literally at this moment. The eating can never stop, which is hard but I’m dedicated to my craft.”

And on what he thinks about all of this, “YASSSSSS KWEEEEEN!”

Pretty much sums up how we feel.


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