Royal Doulton celebrates 200 years, taps Nick Walker

Ceramics Vs Street Art.

As part of its 200 year anniversary celebrations, Royal Doulton has collaborated with designers and artists to create a special collection of commemorative designer pieces. One of these collaborations involved nabbing artist Nick Walker for a limited edition piece, Vandal V. Parliament.

Walker is famous for his stencilled street art in Bristol during the ’80s and being Hollywood’s go-to guy for film-worthy graffiti sets. His rebellious signature character and alter-ego, the ‘bowler-hatted vandal’, will be the star of the collaboration, which depicts Walker pouring paint over the Palace of Westminster.

Royal Doulton has always stayed ahead of trends to create products with a perfect balance of design and function, and this collaboration with Nick Walker was no exception. For the first time in Royal Doulton history, the latest state-of-the-art technology was used to bring the bowler-hatted vandal into ceramic form through 3D scanning and printing. There’s also a stack of limited edition plates featuring Nick Walker and fellow street artist Pure Evil’s iconic designs.

Nick Walker for Royal Doulton featuring the Palace of Westminster. Does it get any more British than that?

You can check the entire collection out here.


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