Snapchat has introduced group chats and you know what this means

Phone blowin’ up.

This December, Snapchat is giving us the gift of group chatting.

Aptly named ‘Groups’ comes the app’s latest function, which allows users to send photos and videos to up to 16 friends. So you can share all your New Year’s Eve antics among your squad – and have it disappear in 10 seconds.

Within the group, you’re also able to send a ‘Quick Chat’ to a specific friend, which is super helpful if you want to avoid spamming.

Just like regular Snaps, each group Snap can be played and replayed once by each recipient. And if a message isn’t opened within 24 hours, it’ll automatically be deleted.

Along with Groups, Snapchat’s new update also introduces two fun new features. The Paintbrush tool lets users paint Snaps they’ve saved in their Memories, while the Scissors tool cuts any part of a Snap and turns it into a sticker.

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