The eto preserver is here to make your cheap wine look fancy

Preserve, decant, pour.

Not all heroes wear capes.

One such hero is Welshman Tom Cotton, who has invented an eco-friendly wine decanter that doubles as a wine preserver.

Not only does it means you can save the remnants of Friday’s rosé for next week’s pre-drinks, it will also make any wine both taste and look ~expensive~

Delivered in both classic steel and copper colourways, the eto (meaning ‘again’ in Welsh) is a genius device, designed to fit in your fridge door. Its patented design is proven to outperform traditional stoppers, preserving the taste of your favourite drop for up to 12 days.

The creation was inspired by the results of a UK study, which showed that the average UK home threw out two wine glasses weekly.

He says: “It was my urge to solve the problem through design, coupled with my love of wine, that first prompted me to create eto.”

eto’s genius lies in its clever airtight seal. All users have to do is decant the wine into the container and push down the neck, which is specially designed to prevent oxidation.

The device was first proposed on Kickstarter on June 6. And to no surprise, Tom had reached his goal of £55,000 after just 32 hours.

The fundraising campaign is open until 12pm on July 6, so it’s not too late to back the product. While it’s set to retail at around $132 AUD, Kickstarter funders can nab eto for £59 ($98 AUD) until the campaign ends.

Consider us sold.

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