The Royal Botanic Garden is giving away thousands of plants for $1

Save the date.

Mark Saturday August 5 in your diary.

This, my friends, is when over 18,000 plants from Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden will be on sale for as little as $1.

The flowers come from The Calyx’s winter floral display, All About Flowers, which has been running since May and will wrap up on August 2.

That’s when we pounce.  

There will be an exotic range of beauties to fight over, including Begonias, Hydrangeas and Garvineas (or Moth Orchids if you’re willing to part with a tenner). All will be potted. All will be ready to take home. All they ask for in return for each plant is a good coin donation.

The event starts at 8am and runs until midday, with cash purchases advised. Money raised from the sale will be donated to Foundation and Friends of the Botanic Gardens

It also follows news that women who surround themselves with plants, live longer. In case you needed another reason.

For more info including dates, times and event reminders, click here.

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