This genius app identifies plant species using pics from your phone

Basically the Shazam of indoor greenery.

If you’ve ever lusted after some lush indoor greenery, you’ll know that more often than not, it’s kind of impossible to get the deets on a plant’s species. 

That’s why PlantNet has caught the attention of the world. And has been dubbed ‘the Shazam of plants’.

The genius app was created by French scientists and works to identify plants from photos you take. It does so with visualisation software which compares your image to information from social networks and databases.

PlantNet is pretty simple to use. Just snap a pic of the plant, identify if it’s a flower, leaf, bark or fruit, and the software will offer you results on what type of plant it could be. 

It’s still in the early stages – we tried to identify one of our office plants with no luck – and the database is currently being updated. Expect another 4,000 or so species of greenery to be added soon.

Despite not being able to give us an accurate result, it’s still a handy pocket guide and a lot of fun. With over 400,000 plant species around the world, we’re not surprised there are some gaps.


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