This video of Things People Say to Retail Assistants is the most accurate thing ever

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Retail workers rejoice. This vid of Things People Say to Retail Assistants by Tanya Hennessy is about to get your inner fire raging. 

From forgoing weekend festivities, working over the dreaded Chrissy period to picking up used tissues and bandaids from the floor, us retail workers have it bad. 

Which is why customer stories give me life. I bond with my fellow retail-working friends over tales of customer complaints, general rudeness and downright random questions. I could write a novel with the experiences I’ve had over the past weekend, let alone three years in retail. 

Got to love it when a customer gets narky and asks to speak to your manager, who follows by offering the same advice you just gave.

The video features one of my other personal favourites: 

Assistant: “Hi, can I help you?” 

Customer: “Good thanks”

It’s even better when you greet a customer and they straight up ignore you. I’m great, thanks for asking.

Please take this as a life lesson next time you’re in a store. We’re human too, and would appreciate a little kindness to see us through to our next break. 

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