You can finally purchase a bag that hides your wine

Vino on the go.

For those who prefer to drink their wine discreetly, or 24/7 without judgement, we bring you the wine bag.

You may have noticed it on your Facebook feed, however the details on where you could actually purchase it were a bit sketchy.

We’re pleased to say we’ve solved the mystery. 

The PortoVino is available from US brand Bella Vita. It does everything a normal bag does, except it can disguise up to two bottles of wine (making it infinitely better). 

A hidden insulated pocket can hold 1.5L of your favourite bevvy, as well as all your essential items. A flap on the exterior of the bag conceals a tap, allowing you to discreetly pour your vino on the go.

If this sounds like something you need in your life immediately, head here.


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