You can now spoil your dog with this light-up vest

Glow factor.

You’d probably be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy dressing up your dog. Seriously, what’s more adorable than a pup in pyjamas? A pupper in flashing vest, that’s what.  

A company called Party NYC has created a smartphone-controlled LED dog vest called Disco Dog. It’s cute AF and keeps your pooch safe while going for walks at night.

The vest is controlled via an app on your smartphone and allows you to customise your furry friend’s flashing look. 

Features include flashing lights in hundreds of colours, a customisable text option and multiple animated modes including sparkles, stripes and words of your choice. 

Lost dog mode is probably Disco Dog’s coolest feature. It activates automatically when your pup is out of range, flashing the words ‘lost dog’ to let bystanders know your pooch needs help.

The project is being funded via Kickstarter and has already raised $22,757 USD to create a limited collection of 80 vests for backers. The remaining vests will be sold at a pop-up launch event. 

Contribute to the campaign here.


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