The next emoji update includes prosthetic limbs, sign language and biracial couples

Images via Emojipedia
Words By Ruby Staley

Delivering on inclusivity.

If you thought 2,823 emojis was enough, you’d be mistaken. A new emoji update is on the way, with the Unicode Consortium (the regulator of standards on text in software products) approving 230 brand new Emojipedia icons for release this year.

The latest instalment addresses some prior inclusivity issues (about time), with the addition of prosthetic limbs, hearing aids, sign language, wheelchairs and more options for biracial, same-sex and non-binary couples. Making room for some more dog-related content, there’s also a new service dog emoji.

We’re also excited for a ‘pinching hand emoji’ (do what you will with this one), while the ‘red drop’ emoji to symbolise menstruation and the yawning face are sure to be in our favourites.

You can expect the new emojis to be released sometime this year.


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