A very important study reveals the most-swiped star signs on Tinder

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Are dating apps cosmically right for you?

If you’re someone who believes in astrology, it tends to take over your whole life.

Should you make a big decision today? Check your horoscope. What should you have for dinner? Check your horoscope. Why are you struggling to function on even the most basic level? Mercury is definitely in retrograde, sorry.

One arena where star signs can be particularly important is romance.

Astrological compatibility varies from zodiac to zodiac, but it makes sense that some signs just make inherently better partners.

Tinder has consulted its Aussie user data to find out which signs are right-swiped the most (and least), and the results will either please or offend you.

For women, the most swiped sign was Scorpio. We’re not entirely surprised, as Scorpios are known for their passion, strength and outspoken natures – qualities that can make for an exciting relationship.

Leo took second place, showing that Tinder users clearly don’t mind big personalities.

Big apologies to all the Pisces ladies out there, however, as the sign ranked dead last. Maybe your sensitivity and emotional openness just don’t translate in dating app land.

As for guys, the top two spots went to Taurus and Virgo. Obviously, there’s something appealing about grounded, reliable earth signs.

Or maybe not, since Capricorns were at the bottom of the list.

Check out the full rankings below, then consult your horoscope to find out if you should rewrite your Tinder bio ASAP.

1. Scorpio
2. Leo
3. Taurus
4. Cancer
5. Virgo
6. Capricorn
7. Gemini
8. Aquarius
9. Libra
10. Aries
11. Sagittarius
12. Pisces

1. Taurus
2. Virgo
3. Pisces
4. Aquarius
5. Libra
6. Scorpio
7. Aries
8. Leo
9. Gemini
10. Cancer
11. Sagittarius
12. Capricorn

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