Here’s what it takes to launch your own PR agency

Photograph by Hugh Davies

Career goals.

It’s been a busy year for Georgia Zogopoulos.

The PR queen is celebrating one year since the launch of her boutique fashion agency, GGPR. Despite being in its infancy, GGPR’s client roster already includes the likes of Viktoria & Woods, Nobody Denim, the Adelaide Fashion Festival and more.

While she may make it look easy, starting your own business is a hard slog. Especially in fashion. We sat down with Georgia to learn the secrets of starting out, and what it’s like to launch your own PR agency.

Hi Georgia. First of all, what did you study at uni? 

I studied a Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide.

How long have you been working in PR? 

I have worked in public relations for six years, my first role granted me the opportunity to establish an in-house department across a stable of brands which was the perfect training in the lead up to starting GGPR.

Did you always want to work in PR? 

I wanted to work in the media, specifically across television and radio but also had a strong passion for fashion and styling. Following my studies, I pursued an internship at The LOFFT which cemented that I definitely wanted to work in the fashion industry (it was very special to host our GGPR first birthday in the same space years on). In association with my love for working with people, communications and the media, specialising in fashion PR has been the perfect path for me.

What made you want to start your own business? 

I dreamt of starting my own business down the track, however, after moving to Melbourne and landing my first contract job with ACLER, I realised opportunities were arising and there was no time like the present. I had a vision of building a boutique fashion business and working with brands and people that I really connected with. I am also extremely grateful to be surrounded by my inspiring family and industry peers, as I had watched them establish their own successful ventures.

What were the key steps in getting your business off the ground?

The biggest step was taking the leap of faith! I will never forget the lightbulb moment when my sister Elleni named the business (Gigi = GGPR) and my friend Nadia at Cleverly brought the GGPR branding to life. With interest from new clients, I had no choice but to establish our business operations and learn fast! I was lucky to be surrounded by the right people and wasn’t afraid to take every piece of advice on board from family, friends, peers and professionals.

What’s surprised you about the experience?

How quickly the business organically grew, I had never imagined we would be here in 12 months, I’m still pinching myself. I am also eternally grateful for the support GGPR received and the willingness of those who mentored me, and that’s why our first birthday was so special as we had an opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to our success.

What’s the best bit about running your own business?

How rewarding this experience has been and the opportunities to learn and grow are endless. You have the freedom to choose your work and provide your own niche service. It has opened many doors and there is never a dull moment.

And the hardest bit? 

Missing quality time with loved ones, while I am eternally grateful for all of our business, at times it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It’s amazing to know your family and friends will always understand and be there for you.

What challenges have you faced in your first year? 

Balancing GGPR business administration along with client operations. Initially, my own work would always come last but it needs to be a priority, in time I have found more support and a better groove.

How do you get new clients? 

I feel extremely blessed that all of my client relationships have been established through previous work recommendations and word of mouth. Your relationships are everything. We are also now receiving a great response via social media marketing, which is exciting!

What’s next for GGPR? 

In pursuit of achieving a major goal in representing premium fashion labels, we will continue to nurture these relationships whilst also focusing on building our portfolio and team. Bring on year number two!

What would you say to other people thinking of going it alone? 

You are never alone. Surround yourself with inspiring likeminded people and build a support network. If you work hard and commit, you can do anything. Don’t let fear hold you back, when you find your passion and believe in yourself, you will be successful.


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