15 female artists come together for an exhibition celebrating womanhood

Image via Claudia Smith

Words by Anthony Graetz

All for an important cause.

A series of Melbourne and Sydney creatives are coming together for a cause this July. Fifteen female artists will showcase their work in The Original Woman, an exhibition which will celebrate empowerment, womanhood and choice.

With a range of diverse art, The Original Woman will showcase paintings, photographs, installation artwork and written pieces. All pieces express the individual experience it is to be a woman, through an exhibition which aims to empower women.

Co-curated by Jess Brohier and Loren Stevanja, the show is dedicated to and inspired by Loren, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Through purchasing a ticket, beverage or artwork on the night, you will be supporting Loren and her battle through the disease. Proceeds will go towards her and her choice in alternative treatment and therapies.

All artists include:

Abbey Rich

Kim Kim Kim

Claudia Smith

Carmel Jenkin

Brooke Van Der Linden

Angela Thirlwell

Yasmin Suteja

Madison Pawle

Amelia Dowling

Kasey Curmi

Caitlin Murphy

Kara Mandel

Emme Orbach

Claudia Chew

Victoria Hermitage

Emily Raubenheimer

The Original Woman will be held at Neon Parlour, Friday 5thJuly, 6pm – 9pm.

Get your tickets here.

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