Your phone case doesn’t have to be made from plastic anymore

Pela phone case


As consumers, we have a serious addiction to plastics. In fact, around 79 per cent of plastic is currently in landfill or littering the environment.

Reducing plastic is easier said than done, so we’re always happy to find new alternatives to everyday plastic items. Like phone cases, for example.

Pela is making phone cases from plant-based and recycled materials, to help reduce the amount of plastic created by consumer products and alleviate our dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Its flax staw composition promises a thin fit and shock absorption, while carefully-designed edges protect the front of your phone screen.

Better yet, this phone case is completely compostable and can be put in your backyard compost.

The Pela case is available for Android and iPhone, with a range of colours to choose from. You can check it out here.


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