Proactiv is teaming up with Hello Kitty

Image via Proactiv
Words by Tara Smith

Pimple-free glory.

Remember the good old acne-ridden days of Proactiv?

You saw the ads on TV, you convinced your mum to buy the entire product line, and you went on your way to pimple-free glory.

Now, Proactiv is teaming up with none other than Hello Kitty for a limited-edition release.

The duo has collaborated on a brush set which includes Proactiv’s Deep Cleansing Face Wash, as well as some notable feline additions.

There’s a cleansing brush shaped like Hello Kitty, including three interchangeable brush heads ranging from silicone to charcoal.

While there’s no word yet on an Australian release, it’s due to drop at US beauty retailer Ulta in November.


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