Scientists have worked out how to reverse wrinkles and hair loss

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Image by Kristina Yenko. Full shoot credits/originally published here

It works on mice, at least.

Humanity’s quest for eternal youth just took a big step forward. Scientists have reportedly unlocked a way to reverse wrinkles and hair loss caused by ageing.

The study was conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and involved mice and mitochondria. For those who didn’t study biology in school, mitochondria produce 90 per cent of the energy used by our cells, and their function declines as we age. This is what causes most of the annoying signs of ageing, like losing your hair and getting wrinkles.

During the study, scientists activated a mutation in test mice that mimicked this mitochondrial dysfunction. They noted greying, loss of hair and the appearance of wrinkles within weeks.

When they switched off this mutation, the signs of ageing were reversed, and the mice went back to their youthful, wrinkle-free selves.

While the study published in Cell Death & Disease acknowledges that any benefits to humans are a while off, there’s no denying this is a massive step forward in the fight against ageing.

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