Scotland just made period products free for all students

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Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Scotland: 1, rest of world: 0.

Scotland is taking a major step towards the equal access of period products, and we’re hoping the rest of the world will follow suit.

The Scottish government’s new $9 million policy will see the free distribution of period products to students at all schools, colleges and universities. Just to reiterate, for free.

Since the tampon tax was introduced in Aus back in 2000, sanitary items are still considered a ‘luxury’ back home (how privileged we must be?).

Beyond the student bonus, Scotland is pushing to make pads and tampons free for every woman.

According to The Guardian, Scottish Labour MSP Monica Lennon is introducing a bill to make this a reality:

“This is another great step forward in the campaign against period poverty. Access to period products should be a right, regardless of your income,” she said.

“No one should face the indignity of being unable to access these essential products to manage their period.”

Scotland: 1, the rest of the planet: 0.

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