‘Stranger Things’ drops a very ’80s Season 3 trailer

Images via Stranger Things
Words by Tara Smith

Say hello to the Starcourt Mall.

Netflix is having a grand ol’ time drip-feeding us Stranger Things teasers.

The streaming platform has just released another trailer for Season 3, this time depicting a very ’80s advert for ‘Starcourt Mall’. The mall is part of a new development in Hawkins, brought to the town by Starcourt Industries.

At the end of the advert, we see Steve working at an ice cream store. He’s joined by new character Robin (who we still don’t know a lot about).

We’re also given a potential clue as to Season 3’s release date. The advert claims the mall is arriving summer 2019 – which could mean Stranger Things is due to drop next winter for Australian fans.

Watch the trailer below.


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