What we bought this summer (and don’t regret)



We’re pretty pleased with these purchases.

Here at Fashion Journal, we try to encourage thoughtful consumption. We support, and buy from, predominantly slow, sustainable labels and like to really mull something over before biting the bullet and adding to cart.

But when you work in editorial, you’re exposed to many products, day in and day out. And this exposure makes you particularly keen to buy stuff. Yes, our team is pretty skilled at deciphering a worthwhile purchase from a dud, but we all make mistakes.

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But the silver lining is that when you’ve made a regretful purchase, the purchases you don’t at all regret stand out even more. What is it about these items that has made the purchase of them so worthwhile? With this question in mind, the FJ team has shared below the items they purchased this summer that they absolutely, 1000 per cent, do not regret.

Giulia, Fashion Journal’s Managing Editor

A beach mat from Laze


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I first bought this as a birthday gift for our Digital Editor Cait Emma Burke, then got jealous and bought one for myself too. It’s been the best buy. I’ve used it at home, at the park and at the beach, and each time, others ask me where they can get one too (here, btw).

The pet project of art director and stylist Nat Turnbull, Laze has just added two new colourways to its very current repertoire. If you’re interested, you’ll want to move quickly. The first drop began selling out in a matter of weeks.

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An oversized tee from Buongiorno

It’s niche, but I’m a sucker for a novelty Italian-themed tee. I can’t remember how I first stumbled across Buongiorno (probably via its founder’s meme-based finsta) but I’m glad I did. My Buongiorno band tee has undoubtedly become the most worn item in my wardrobe – I’ve worn it to fancy dinners, to the gym, to bed.

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A vintage Vera Wang gown from Art Garments

It’s not likely something I’ll buy again (I wore it to my wedding, after all) but I impulse-bought this stunning dress after it appeared at the top of my Instagram feed, two days before my big celebration. It was sourced by Sydney stylist Grace Corby, who runs vintage resale platform Art Garments and who has impeccable taste (more on that here).

She also worked with me to ensure it would arrive in time. Hers is one of the best vintage resale platforms I’ve come across in a long time, and is well worth the follow.

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Cait, Fashion Journal’s Digital Editor

Elle Burguez artwork


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When it comes to art, I’ve been a poster or print gal for the entirety of my adult life, primarily because I couldn’t afford it and was happy enough with whatever I could find at the local op shop. But now I’m in my late twenties, I’ve been well and truly bitten by the interiors bug. I spend more money on candlestick holders and useless ceramic sculptures than I care to admit, and I’ve started investing in art, too.

When I laid eyes on this piece by Australian artist Elle Burguez, I knew it was the one for me. The soft pastels make me feel calm and complement my room perfectly. Each morning when I wake up, I look at this piece (it’s hung beside my bed) and congratulate myself on making such an excellent, life-enhancing purchase.

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Marni Fussbett sandals

When I first started at Fashion Journal, a fellow editor friend implored me to get myself a pair of Marni Fussbett sandals. According to her, they were the key to looking sleek and pulled together, and their flat, comfortable soles meant you could easily wear them both in the office and at fancy media events.

The price put me off (I don’t part with $1000 easily), but after hearing so many friends in the fashion industry swear by these shoes, I caved and got myself a pair in black and gold. While they’ve taken a while to wear in, they’ve been an absolute godsend for everything from weddings and dates to jam-packed fashion weeks.

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Ella, Fashion Journal’s Account Manager

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Jade

Like every other sweetie with a makeup brush and a Binge account, I too have fallen under the spell of Euphoria’s head makeup artist Doniella Davy and the resurgence of maximalist beauty. And although I’m not sure donning fluorescent fake lashes and an abundance of gemstones is quite my look, the show has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I recently picked up this Stila eyeliner in Jade from Mecca, and have found it’s a great introductory staple to maximalist makeup.

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Baum und Pferdgarten Jodiana black checkered top

Ever since landing in Incu last year, Baum und Pferdgarten’s bold and playful pieces have become a firm favourite in my wardrobe (though ask me to pronounce the brand name and you can simply click out of this article, bye). And thanks to Melbourne’s cute and quirky meteorological mood swings, I can never quite find the right top-to-jacket ratio on a night out.

Enter this sheer mesh beauty I snapped up during a David Jones sale. Featuring an attached lining at the front, it holds its own as a statement top, while stretchy enough to make an ideal layering piece.

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Birkenstock Boston buckled suede backless loafers

After being unashamedly influenced by every Scandinavian cool-girl on the internet, I took the plunge and purchased the Birkenstock Boston suede loafers over the Christmas break, and am pleased to say they haven’t left my feet since.

I had been on the hunt for a sleek yet comfy transeasonal sandal situation for a while, and though originally eyeing off the oiled leather style, something about the suede Bostons drew me in. They literally go with everything – jeans, bike shorts, miniskirts – and are as cosy as they look.

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Genevieve, Fashion Journal’s Lifestyle and Careers Columnist

Vee Underwear

I’ve spoken openly about my less-than-ideal track record with thrush and UTIs, and there’s something particularly suffocating about the summer heat when it comes to your nether regions. Vee’s bamboo undies let everything air out and breathe, as well as still feeling really cute with a little lace trim and fun styles to pick and mix from. Practical but cute, and we love to see it.

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Friends with Frank tank

I’m a real sucker for a basic wardrobe staple. A mainstay all summer long (and last summer long) is Friends with Frank’s Classic Tank. I added a brown colourway to my repertoire and find it so versatile to pair with white trousers, any denim bottoms, or just some slouchy linen pants when the outfit-planning part of my brain isn’t functioning. Really enduring, great cut and such a good investment.

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Golden Groves olive oil


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This is a pantry staple for the sunshiney months, but one that I’ll be restocking for the rest of time. Kat and Yianna are two Melbourne sisters in their 20s who have made a bougie and authentic olive oil brand, hand-pressed and bottled up from their family’s hometown in Greece – a reverie of a seaside village called Mani.

Golden Groves featured in my prawn pastas, fresh salads and big plates of burrata-laden tomatoes. I think it’s a big glug from the fountain of youth, and I’m getting more into slathering my life with this rather than serums for good skin.

Get it here.

Izzy, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant

Asics FB1-S Gel-Preleus sneakers

I bought these after months of searching for the black Asics x Kiko Kostadinov collab sneakers in my size (an impossible task!). While I had my heart set on the Kikos, my hunt was really just for an extremely comfortable pair of sneakers that looked fashion-y. I tore through my New Balances in two years of long lockdown walks and was ready to bite the bullet.

I figured these Asics, in their cool-toned purple/grey colourway, were the next best thing. They were also over $500 cheaper than what I was ready to pay for Kikos, which was going to be a stretch on my bank account. And after months of constant wear, I think they’re… better? I’m biased, yes, but they’re a little less common and surprisingly go with everything. I took them on a recent beach holiday and was really feeling my sporty surf babe fantasy. J’adore.

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A Cush Coma Floral Fury cushion


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This was an impulse purchase after seeing the display of Cush Coma pillows in the Sucker store. I never thought I’d be so taken by a pillow, but I do think coveting homewares is an important part of the growing-up process. And I’m so mature I chose out a pink-and-red terry-towelling flower cushion to sit right next to my sparkly butterfly lamp!

In all seriousness, serotonin-boosting purchases are important. My room just feels happier! The specific colourway I purchased seems to be sold out, but I think the denim is the cutest anyway. Real cowgirl vibes. These flower cushions also look great as functional hats on small cat heads.

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Malin + Goetz Dark Rum EDP

I worked in a retail store that sold perfume for three years. Being the cheap scoundrel I am, I simply took all the half-full tester bottles (with permission) home with me and when I ran out, repeated the process. Needless to say, I didn’t have a signature scent – I just wore the best of the communal rejects, which still wasn’t great.

I smelt Dark Rum on a friend at the end of last year and became immediately obsessed. It’s very hard to describe a fragrance (as every 2012 beauty YouTuber told me), but this is different to anything I’ve sniffed before. It’s warm and woodsy, sweet yet mature. So addictive. While it’s not free, for once I felt compelled to spend a little extra on a perfume. A signature scent has changed me! No regrets; I will be repurchasing.

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