Thandi Phoenix and Tuka have dropped a track with Australia’s favourite Instagram comedy duo, The Inspired Unemployed


The collab we never saw coming.

Online shopping service Klarna and creative agency Bring have just dropped a collaborative parody music video titled ‘Get What I love’. Featuring Aussie larrikins and infamous Instagram comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed as well as Australian musicians Thandi Pheonix and Tuka, the music clip makes fun of our nation’s lockdown shopping habits. 

Written collaboratively over Zoom, ‘Get What I love’ is an original R&B flavoured pop-song that takes a light-hearted look at how lockdown changed our purchasing habits, while also encouraging people to only buy things they really need and love.  

The video is set in a boldly-coloured apartment and depicts two flatmates, played by The Inspired Unemployed, receiving a series of Klarna deliveries across several weeks in lockdown. 

The video hits home with its Tim Tam binge and all-too-familiar home workout scene, plus it even goes so far as to throw our lockdown fashion sins back at us – Tiger King G-string or fluffy pink slides anyone?

Klarna says the pop parody allowed it to extend its support of local retailers to emerging homegrown talent, which is particularly crucial at the moment considering COVID-19’s impact on the entertainment industry.

And The Inspired Unemployed certainly appreciated the project.  “This partnership with Klarna was an absolute pleasure to work on and it was truly a team effort to bring the vision to life with incredible creatives like Tuka and Thandi Phoenix, who we learned a lot from,” they said.

Klarna offers consumers and retailers payments, social shopping, and personal finances so they can get what they love today and pay later.

According to Klarna’s Head of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand, Andrea Darling, “Klarna is all about the consumer experience and inviting customers into our world. This music video clip illustrates perfectly how we do things differently and in a fun way.”


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