These are the Australian brands making donations to the Black Lives Matter movement


So you can support the brands that are making a difference.

In light of the brutal murder of George Floyd, people around the world have been taking to the streets, donating, and making their voices heard on social media in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Recent events have also shed a light on Australia’s own deeply entrenched issues with racism and the often overlooked deaths in custody of First Nations people.

The situation has prompted many Australian fashion and beauty brands to speak out against racism and inequality. A lot of brands are getting backlash for engaging in “performative wokeness,” with some saying that their actions on social media are merely shallow attempts to engage in a serious issue. Ultimately, we won’t know if a brand’s activity is a serious commitment to long-term change or an opportunistic marketing ploy until further down the track. 

Nevertheless, speaking out on these issues shows a level of leadership that we might not have seen just a few years ago. The rise of political corporate social responsibility has been part of a paradigm shift that has created a space for brands to be rewarded for taking a stance on divisive issues. These attempts, although sometimes flawed, encourage a more diverse and thoughtful approach to running a business, so we need to take the wins where we can get them and welcome anyone into the movement who wants to participate.

It’s also important to note that many small Australian brands are struggling themselves, and may not have the expendable income to donate, particularly during this time. Instead, many have been using their platforms to amplify the voices and businesses of BIPOC, spread useful information, and encourage their followers to take action.

While many Australian brands participated in #blackouttuesday or spoke out on social media in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, most did not make commitments to specific actions or donations they would be making. We’ve compiled a list of those who have, so you can choose to financially support brands that are doing the necessary work by donating and examining their privilege.

We will be updating throughout the coming weeks. Comment, tag or DM us on Instagram or Facebook if you own or know of other local fashion or beauty businesses donating to the cause.
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