Art Series Hotels launches ‘No Robe’ package ft. life drawings of your naked selfies

Send nudes.

Here at FJ, we’re all about expressing yourself.

Even if that means taking a nude selfie in a hotel, sending it to a stranger and getting them to draw up a sketch of you, in all your glory.

Wait, what? You heard.

Art Series Hotels have announced a new ‘No Robe’ package that is just that.

You book your sleepover package at one of their hotels in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Bendigo.

On arrival, you then select a time to have the photography kit delivered to your room. You’ll have two hours to take a photo with the camera and a clicker.

Once your chosen photo has been approved by the hotel (yes, really), it’s then sent via encrypted link to an artist who will then sketch a life drawing from the photo. Guests are then sent their drawing in a beautiful package while the photo will be permanently deleted and not distributed elsewhere.

Not sure about you guys, but we’re game.

See here for more details.


Sleepover & Strike A Pose | Art Series Hotel Group | No Robe from Art Series Hotels on Vimeo.

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