Turns out IKEA is actually an acronym and mind blown

Images via IKEA
Words by Veronica Stanford

The more you know.

In news you probably weren’t expecting on your Friday morning, turns out IKEA has been an acronym this whole bloody time. And I am shook.

According to Apartment Therapy, IKEA was actually named ‘Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd’. Ingvar Kamprad, as you may know, is the founder of the megastore, while Elmtaryd was the name of the farm he lived on as a child in the town of Agunnaryd. The more you know.

Apparently, we’ve also been pronouncing the name wrong too. Because everything you thought you knew is a goddamn lie.

Forget saying ‘eye-key-ah’, tell people you’re off to stock up on the latest Malm release from ‘ee-kay-uh’.


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