Here are the most used GIFs of 2018

Image via The Tonight Show
Words by Tara Smith

Drum roll, please.

In celebration of the humble moving image, Giphy has ranked its most commonly used GIFs of 2018.

Pulled from a database of over seven billion images, the following list supports my theory that GIFs do what words can’t. Seriously, what did people do before GIFs? How did they communicate?

While number one on the list should come as a surprise to no one, I have a few qualms with the rest – where are all The Office GIFs?

Read on to check out the top 10 below.


10. DeAndre Hopkins nod

9. Happy birthday cupcake

8. ‘Like a boss’ dog

7. Thinkin’ of you

6. New Year countdown

5. All my love

4. Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

3. Dancing gnome

2. Football cheer

1. Cardi B

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