Very Good Films is the film catalogue you need this winter


Where to go when Netflix has failed you.

We’re in week four of isolation and I’ve largely given up on my goal of doing YouTube workouts in my living room every morning. I commend those of you who are sticking with the fitness goals, but I’m definitely someone more couch inclined when it comes to self-care, and nothing screams ‘I love me’ like treating myself to a nice wine and a good film. 

But what can you do when you’ve drained your friends of movie recommendations and you’re tired of re-watching Call Me By Your Name?

Luckily, just when we need it the most, we’ve been blessed with Very Good Films, a lovingly hand-picked film catalogue from Beth Wilkinson, the founder and editor of Lindsay magazine, and Emma Stevenson, a film-lover based in New York City. 

Through the site, you can search by title or date, director or country. Suss the trailers (which is half the fun) and find out where you can (legally) watch the full-length film.

The project was founded on the idea that the joy of cinema is just as much about sharing and discovering films as it is about watching them. So from nineties’ classics like Heathers to French staples like Agnes Varda’s Le Bonheur, there’s no shortage of cinematic indulgence to get you through self-isolation. 

Basically, Very Good Films is an aesthetically pleasing spreadsheet lovingly sent to you by a friend whose taste you trust wholeheartedly. Check out the catalogue now, and I suggest bookmarking the site so you won’t be at a loose end on your next movie night. 


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