We asked 7 people in the fashion industry to explain what they actually do

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Ever wondered what it’s like to be a trend forecaster?

How about a day in the life of a stylist?

While it sounds super fun, do you know what they actually do?

To the average Joe, fashion job titles can sound like a jumble of fancy words made to confuse people, without revealing what the role actually involves.

We get that not everyone understands the many different facets of working in fashion, so we decided to help debunk a couple of myths.

We spoke to seven big players in the fashion industry with fancy job titles to find out what it is they do all day.

The Trend Forecaster
Sarah Owen – WGSN

People think I… predict fashion trends.
What I actually do… Research, curate, and analyse micro and macro movements.
A typical day… doesn’t exist. If I’m not at Coachella or SXSW, I’m running around at New York Fashion Week or presenting at Trends Day in London.

The Fashion Stylist
Jade Rose Yuk Ting Leung  jadeleung.com.au

People think I… shop all day.
What I actually do… Off set, I write emails, go to meetings and carry a lot of bags all of the time! On set it’s a lot more hands-on, and the more thorough you are in pre-production the more smoothly your shoot day will be.
A typical day… Every day brings a very different set of challenges and surprises. But it never ceases to surprise me how satisfied I am, every time, when I get through the day and it’s knock off time! Getting through the day is satisfying!

The Model Manager
Sarah Bisogni – Vivien’s Model Management

People think I… stare at gorgeous models all day.
What I actually do… I’m a personal assistant, careers advisor, relationship counsellor and psychologist, all rolled into one neat package.
A typical day… Arranging client appointments for models, pulling references for test shoots, and selecting shots from test shoots to include in the boys’ folio. I also make sure model folios, comp cards and our website are kept up to date with current work, sign and promote new talent, and present clients with talent suggestions for upcoming advertising work. I quote rates on advertising jobs, place local talent with international agents and keep track of our boys overseas, ensuring all boys are across their job details for the next day.

The Visual Merchandiser
Bonnie Kay – bonniekaythestylist.com

People think I… stock shelves and make pretty displays.
What I actually do… I do make pretty displays, but there is method behind my madness. Everything is placed strategically to maximise sales through product placement. Products are styled a certain way to give the shopper an example of how the product could be used or worn, and what it could be paired with. Window displays are the most creative and fun part of the job.
A typical day… Every day is different! They involve early starts (it’s better to get a good chunk of tasks done before trade), sourcing product to display, placing and styling product, prop making, creating concepts and trend forecasting. It also involves climbing ladders, lots of folding and taking photos of your work for Instagram and Snapchat. If you’re anything like me, I will critique my work from every possible shopper’s perspective (until all my faux shoppers are happy).

The PR girl
Tessa-Jay Slight – AMPR

People think I… go to parties and photoshoots.
What I actually do… Long hours behind a desk, bringing those parties and campaigns to life.
A typical day… involves emails and fashion, plus coffee.

The Buyer
Elissa Bartuccelli – Diesel

People think I… have a glamorous job, travelling the world looking at fashion!
What I actually do… I curate and select a range for our Australian stores. Diesel produces almost 3000 pieces per collection across denim, apparel, footwear and accessories so it’s a lot of product to consider and work through. I usually don’t leave the showroom when I travel – it’s long days deliberating over styles and stories, quantities and pricing.
A typical day… in the office involves a strong coffee to kick off the day. Then I generally run daily sales reports, to see how the stores and products are tracking for the week. I review products regularly since I am purchasing up to three seasons ahead, at any one time. It’s important I know what is working for us and what’s not. I tend to spend at least an hour per day in the store, reviewing the merchandise and look of the store. I also take the time to listen to any staff feedback. In the afternoon, I put my head down and work through upcoming merchandise deliveries. Since we’re an Italian brand we have shipments on the go constantly, it’s important we manage these and ensure a smooth arrival into store.

The Makeup Artist
Shev Kelly – Napoleon Perdis

People think I… hang out with celebrities and models, attend fashion parties and events and have meetings all day, every day.
What I actually do… My job involves so many facets. Part one of my role involves working within Australia and internationally on models and celebrities for fashion week, photoshoots, YouTube videos or events. I also analyse social media, and research new trends and what could work on the Napoleon Perdis social media platforms. I also write articles on the best makeup artist tips and tricks and what’s hot right now. Plus, I ensure our brand is respectfully represented in the media and receives as much positive press as possible.
A typical day… My day starts at 7:00am when I wake up and check Instagram. Social media is life in our industry. When I get to work, I read the paper and any new magazines to inspire me and keep me in the know. I then write articles and contact the editors of magazines to discuss new product launches. The afternoon will often involve me working at a shoot or fashion show, applying makeup and working with the team backstage. I then take a ton of photos and dash to the front and watch the show.

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