WIN: $500 to spend on XRJ Celebrations candles

Light up the room.

Handmade here in Australia, XRJ Celebrations candles are a world away from the citronella-scented tealights that dotted every Australian backyard in the summer. They’re not your average vanilla-scented pillar candle, either. Fusing form and bold colour, each XRJ Celebrations piece is more ‘wax work of art’ than standard candle.

Brighten up your living space with sculpted, Matisse-esque Blobbies candles; sugary neon Cumulus clouds and elegant navy knots. Burn them everywhere for functional, soft lighting – or place them on a coffee table just to stare at.

XRJ Celebrations is giving one lucky Fashion Journal reader the chance to win $500 to spend across its range. Just fill in the form below for your chance to win.

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