Women will not achieve equal pay until 2277, says new report

Words by Fashion Journal

That’s two and a half centuries.

The Global Gender Gap Report was released on Tuesday, revealing some depressing statistics.

Most notable was that women are not expected to achieve pay parity for another 275 years. Globally, there is a pay gap of 31.4 per cent. Which means on average, men are paid 31.4 per cent more than women. Just 36 per cent of senior private sector’s managers and public sector’s officials are women.

Mexico, Albania, Ethiopia, Mali and Spain are this year’s most improved countries, up an average of 3.4 per cent on last year’s report. On the other hand, North America has performed abysmally. Based on the retroactive progress in the last year, it is expected that North America will take 151 years to close its gender gap, trailing Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Latin America and Central Asia.

The report predicts it will take 99.5 years to close the global gender gap.



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