You can now buy Australian ID tags for your pet

Words by Tara Smith

Tags for Hope.

Pet identification has just stepped it up a notch, thanks to US-based company, Tags for Hope.

You can now create an ID card for your pet, modelled off Australian driver’s licences.

Finally, your dog/cat/four-legged friend will have proof of age, meaning it can drive around and enter nightclubs as it pleases.

The ID card includes handy information like name, breed, gender and home address, as well as any special attributes or health problems your pet may have.

It’s all printed on premium-grade card and encased in waterproof, durable resin to withstand even the most problematic puppers.

And better yet, each ID comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning if yours happens to gets damaged, chewed or heavily scratched, Tags for Hope will send you a new one free of charge.

Every card purchased will also help provide an animal in need with food, treatment and shelter. For roughly $28 a piece, it’s a no-brainer.


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