Your old Polly Pocket could now be worth over $2000

WORDS BY Veronica Stanford

Image via @vintagepollypocketlife/Instagram

Get rich quick.

Get your parents on the phone, turns out somewhere in your old toy stash there could be a little pot of gold.

According to The Sun UK, Polly Pockets may be worth the big bucks. In fact, two mint special Disney editions of the much-loved ’90s choking hazard have sold for upwards of £1,400 (that’s just under $2,500).

Really wishing my mum didn’t donate my childhood toys to the op-shop now.

It’s being reported the most valuable sets are those still in the box and made pre-1998, before Mattel took over production from Bluebird.

If you take a quick trawl through eBay, you’ll find some Polly Pocket Disney sets currently fetching between $1,000-$2,500 AUD.

You can check out some of the sets here.

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