7 examples of Norwegian pop R&B artist, Lil Halima, being very, very Internet

Image via Lil Halima
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Ft. tips on how to cleanse your feed and snag your crush

The cold is clinging to everything it touches, and warm weather seems further away than should be possible. But, while we wait patiently to sit pretty in the sun, Lil Halima’s latest track tastes just enough like summer to tide us over.

The Norwegian artist’s new release, ‘Booty’, is a feel-good ode to trysts under the stars and having a bit of a boogie. The singer’s long-time collaborator, Swedish producer Canto, also appears on the single.

We asked Lil Halima some questions about her life and her work, and we got some pretty great responses. So rather than a standard interview, here’s a bunch of random things we learnt about the musician.

We reckon you’ll vibe her as much as we do.

She does tarot, but doesn’t read horoscopes

Lil Halima definitely cares about astrology – she’s a Libra sun, Aquarius moon and Leo rising, in case you were wondering – and she’s been known to keep track of both her friends’ charts and the moon’s movements. She also knows how to do her own tarot readings when the need arises. But she maintains that she’s not obsessed, and she doesn’t feel the need to read her horoscope. She’s also firmly (and very sensibly) against icing people out because you don’t like their sign. 

She loves to paint

Lil Halima paints every night before bed, which is a pretty impressive display of passion and self-discipline. One of her major goals for the foreseeable future is to find even more time to paint, and even get into sharing and selling some of her art. Also: releasing a new mixtape and calling her mum more often.

She has a form of synaesthesia

For anyone who doesn’t know, synaesthesia is the neurological trait of forming a relationship between senses that aren’t usually connected. For Lil Halima, it’s all about colour. Feelings, sounds, days and months have their own colours, which can prove pretty inspiring. “If I wake up and feel blue, I do blue things and make blue songs,” Lil Halima explains. “Sometimes that makes me feel imprisoned, but I’m working on being able to change colours as well.”

‘Booty’ turned her crush into her boyfriend

This latest release, ‘Booty’, was written while Lil Halima was in Stockholm – coincidentally, at the same time as a boy she had a huge crush on. Of the exact moment she found her inspiration, she says, “So, sunny day, ice cream, walking around on a pretty island, being in love, not feeling heavy at all. I had this sentence in my head ‘feels like a movie, kinda groovy’ because that’s what it felt like.” That same boy would also join Lil Halima in her habitual morning dance sessions – it’s liberating, and we should probably all try it – hence the following refrain, ‘grab my booty when we dance’. It was a hint, and an effective one, since that crush is now her boyfriend.

She’s addicted to ASMR

Eating videos are off the table – she hates mouth sounds – but she’ll watch pretty much anything else. Whisper videos, goodnight stories and makeup tutorials are listed among her favourites. “I live in a busy street and I sleep with my window open,” she says. “So it helps to distract me from drunk people screaming outside. 

She follows uplifting quote Instagram pages

As a self-proclaimed ‘cheesy bitch’, Lil Halima is a strong advocate to curating a social media feed that makes you feel good. Her theory is that if something is as easy to change as your Instagram, why wouldn’t you change it for the better? She gives the example of cheesy quote profiles for a mood boost, but thinks it’s just as important to unfollow any toxic people or pages that are affecting the way you feel. Pair all social media cleanses with some real life self-care – like a good shower or a burning candle – and you’re good to go.

She doesn’t watch movies 

In the great book vs. movie debate, Lil Halima comes down firmly on the side of books. Her favourite author is Murakami, and she’s currently in the middle of an audiobook of Roxane Gray’s Bad Feminist. Her one and only recommendation when it comes to on-screen entertainment is the series Pose – because one, it’s amazing, and two, it’s full of absolute looks.


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