A playlist to take into your weekend, thanks to Dress Code

Sonic glitter.

Stuck at home? Lol, us too. Listening to your housemate bang around in the kitchen while they make their third sourdough of the week can be pretty distracting, so we asked some of our favourite artists to put together iso playlists so we can drown out the domestic doldrums and find an easy escape. Enjoy. 

The soundtrack to isolation is incredibly important, and your bluetooth speaker becomes your closest friend when you’re stuck at home alone. Here’s a sample of the noise that’s been filling Dress Code’s member’s homes in recent times. The Adelaide quartet has just revealed its debut EP Predict my Death, filled with the band’s signature sonic glitter and tracks ‘Plans For You’, ‘Candy Heart’, and ‘Youth Culture’.

Stream it here or let the playlist Dress Code has curated fill your home. It’s something to hold your hand over the weekend, until the next video conference rolls around.


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