Broods: Don’t Feed the Pop Monster

Words by Gloria Brancatisano

Enthralling soundscapes.

Sibling duo Broods have carved out a little corner of the synth-pop market with their previous two albums. But it’s on number three, Don’t Feed the Pop Monster, that they’re really showing just how diverse the “synth-pop” sound can be.

‘Peach’ is infectious euphoria at its best, ‘Old Dog’ is bright and grooving, ‘Sucker’ fizzes with electro goodness, while ‘Too Proud’ sees Caleb take on vocal duties and shine.

Synth-pop is, as expected, the album’s defining flavour, but some of the most enjoyable surprises come when the duo try something new. Like the moody, almost-indie-rock guitar of ‘Dust’ or the stripped-back plucking that forms the bones of ‘To Belong’.

It might have taken three albums but here, the pair have delivered a collection of songs brimming with enthralling soundscapes, stretching and bending what we’ve come to expect while still sounding distinctly Broods.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 187.

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